Permisos del cliente insuficientes (error en i_client_move_power)

Hello, today I come to express my problem.

It turns out that I create some groups of channels called #Move, which are to move on the channels in which you are assigned that channel group, but a few weeks ago I got this error insufficient client permissions (error in i_client_move_power). Now for a person to be able to move I have to put the permission on the server group. If anyone can help me! Thank you

That is to say. If I want to set the Channel Group to be able to move (Within the set of channels) to people, the TS3 gives me this error: (error in i_client_move_power) But if I put it in the server group, if it leaves me. PS: Before if you let put in the channel group.

I leave you an explanatory video, if you need more information let us know

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