Permission to move members as admin of a channel

I’m trying to configure the Admin Channel group to have permission to move users to its room.

In this case, the Admin Channel group already has the power to move users larger than the default channel I have for all users on the server, Registered.

However, whenever they try to move a user even though they are Admin of the channel, they receive this error: insufficient client permissions (i_client_move_power failed)

What I would like to know is, can I configure the Admin Channel group to move users who are not in their room, for example, they are in the RECEPTION room, can I move them to the channel where they are admin?

As you can see in the print below, the registered one to be moved, the other group only needs to have a power of 50.

This won’t work when your user doesn’t have same group (or other group with move power of 55) in the other channel(s).
In your configuration your Channel Admin only has move power of 55 in rooms he really is Channel Admin.

The move and needed move power is compared in each channel and for each user and your user would not have any move power when he would be in the default channel.


I understand, simplifying just the ADMIN CHANNEL is not enough for it to move.

Thank you for your help.