Permissions do not appear

I was logging on to a server to edit it. When I select a group, I realize that, simply, nothing happens!

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I think you have checked the only granted at the top right! If you have nothing selected it’s color is white - your’s is blue.

Everything is activated. (I tried to activate 1 by 1).


Uncheck the only granted and the value types.

known bug in beta41.

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Nothing yet.

I suspected that.

uhhh, Gamer92000 above mentioned something about a bug that i probably don’t know. Sorry, my mistake then.

image equal

from the room

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I still have access for some reason @Gamer92000 - i am a big haxor!

yup, seems to work sometimes


I guess it work only for some / with special permissions (not intended)
but it’s not that you can get lucky.
TBH I still prefer TS3 for all administrative tasks.

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