Permissions get overwritten by a channel or channel group?

In our permission hierarchy this is a wanted behavior to archive a bigger flexibility of permission setups.
But the good news here is that we have ways to avoid the behavior for those who need a simple setup or just don’t want their permissions overwritten.

When this happens for your group or users then you have 2 ways to solve this.

  1. This way protects all permission the group or user has.
    We suggest this way in case the group or user is a Admin or Moderator. So lower Channel groups won’t have any effect on that group / user.
  • Enable the permission b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions into the group or client permissions and from now on this group & user will ignore all channel group and channel permissions.
  1. This way will protect single permissions.
    It’s useful in case you have Registered group as an example and allow them to have Talk everywhere and don’t want to have their Talk power overwritten by a channel or channel group.
  • Search for the permission(s) you’d like to have protected.
    Now enable the Skip flag for that permissions. From now on that permission won’t be overwritten by any channel or channel group.

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