Permissions issues

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to add myself a lower role to server admin in my TeamSpeak server (localhost) and it tells me Clients which are not in any other group are automatically inside this group, see below for screenshot. Can anyone help me to solve this problem?

You have made the SrAdmin group as the default one. So everyone who joins the server get these permissions.
All you have to do is right click on your server’s name and click the “Edit Virtual Server”, go under Misc tab and change the default Server Group.

But I need a little and last help
ie i was clicking on random stuff to see the values and these roles in the picture i moved them below and i would like them to go back to the previous point (above) @Alligatoras

You need to have assigned to yourself at least one role with these permissions set at 75. Else you have to do it through query with the “serveradmin” credentials or with yatqa (also requires them).

You need at least the i_group_modify_power set at 75 and then you can edit the rest from the client.

I did not understand what I have to do @Alligatoras

@Alligatoras if I don’t disturb too much I would like to remove 2 curiosities, that is

  1. How does i_channel_subscribe_power work?
  2. How do I set the red channels? (I put a picture for you to understand)

The i_channel_subscribe_power specifies the value of a user/server group etc. to subscribe (have a look into) a channel. As a counterpart the i_channel_needed_subscribe_power has to be set to provide an assumed power. If the value is higher than the i_channel_subscribe_power the client cannot look into the channel.

For this, the maximum user limit of a channel must be reached, i.e. the channel must be full. If the channel is empty, the maximum number of users in the channel must be set to “0”.


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Hi, I don’t quite understand how i_channel_subscribe_power and i_channel_needed_subscribe_power work in particular

I’ll try to explain it in more detail.

I prepared something quickly.
Let’s assume we have several channels and users with different server groups.


User Bravo as admin has insight into all channels. For this he has as i_channel_subscribe_power at least as high subscribe power as i_channel_needed_subscribe_power (for me: "75"). This entitles him to subscribe to all channels. But now probably the error (insufficient client permissions (failed on i_client_max_channel_subscriptions)) would occur. This would mean that the client has enough subscribe power, but no definition how many channels it can subscribe to. Therefore the value of i_client_max_channel_subscriptions must be set. Since Bravo should be able to subscribe to all channels, I set the value to "-1" (highest possible value).


User Alpha, on the other hand, has the right to subscribe to individual channels, but not to all of them.
As with user Bravo, the i_channel_subscribe_power must be at least as high subscribe power as i_channel_needed_subscribe_power. Now to set the maximum number of subscribed channels, the i_client_max_channel_subscriptions must not be set to -1, but to a lower value (must not be higher than the total number of channels on the server). In my case I have 5 channels that should be subscribed to maximum. Important: Spacers are also counted.


Finally, we have user Charlie, who is not allowed to subscribe to any channel at all. There are two possibilities for this.
The first possibility would be that the i_channel_subscribe_power is lower than the i_channel_needed_subscribe_power.
The second possibility would be that the limit for subscribed channels (i_client_max_channel_subscriptions) is set to "0" or is not set at all.



I hope that I could simplify it for you a little bit.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.


@Cornelius Could you also explain to me how to set them also in certain channels for certain roles?
Always putting these 3 people as an example

Sure. I wrote you a PM. Please have a look at it.

@Cornelius I understand the part of the roles, but I didn’t understand very well how I have to set it for certain channels

Alright, then. I actually would have liked to explain it to you verbally directly via TeamSpeak, but nevermind.

First of all, we have again a few clients and differently set channels.


Bravo as admin has the highest subscription power and therefore full permissions to subscribe to any channel.


The regular needed subscribe power of the channel is lower than or equal to the i_channel_subscribe_power of the client/server group.


The user Alpha still has a limited view of the channels and therefore cannot subscribe to all channels.


Alpha can subscribe to a total of “6” channels.


The “Private Area” channel is skipped, since the required regular subscribe power of the “Private Area” channel is higher than the assigned i_channel_subscribe_power of the client / server group.


Charlie has no i_channel_subscribe_power assigned, only the i_client_max_channel_subscriptions is set to “-1”.


This gives him the possibility to subscribe to all channels that do not have a regular required subscribe power set.

In this case, each channel has a regular required subscribe power. Even Charlie’s own channel needs at least an i_channel_subscribe_power of at least “5”.


Normally Charlie would not be able to subscribe to this channel with his server group / client permissions / channel client permissions himself, but since he has Channel Admin as his channel group in this channel, these permissions are skipped.

The channel admin has a i_channel_subscribe_power of “10” and thus exceeds the regular required subscribe power of the associated channel, which causes it to be subscribed.


In fact, I forgot something. Now it should contain sufficient information.


@Cornelius Example. So if I set the i_channel_subscribe_power to 50 in all the Helper role up to the Senior Mod role and set the i_channel_subscribe_power to 50 in the Staff Room 1 channel, only those who are taller or with that same number can enter that entry, right?

No. The subscribe power allows only to see into channels. To enter the channel you need sufficient i_channel_join_power. This must be set up in the same way as the i_channel_subscribe_power.

@Cornelius Example. So if I set i_channel_join_power to 50 for helper role up to Senior Mod and always set Staff Room 1 join to 50, only who is above or equal can join vowel, right?

Exactly. It depends also, what type the channel has.


Accordingly, it is also necessary to select the appropriate (recommended all types).

@Cornelius Now that I’m here I’ll remove the last curiosity, Example. if I put the VIP role I can create temporary channels that I insert the automatic channel under a spacer, how do I do it?