Hello, so i’ve added an ‘‘owner’’ group to my teamspeak, and i’ve managed to fix everything that i need with that, exept that admins can add themselves as an ‘‘owner’’ how can i manage to fix it so the admins can’t add themselves to that group?

Owner powers:
i_group_member_add_power [75] [] [] [75]
i_group_needed_member_add_power [75] [] [] [75]
i_group_member_remove_power [75] [] [] [75]
i_group_needed_member_remove_power [75] [] [] [75]
i_permission_modify_power [75] [] [] [75]

is it this i need to change on the admin group permissions? or do i need to do something else?
if you have any questions for me on what other powers i have, feel free to ask.
thank you for all the help.

Edit: we only want it so admins cant move/kick/ban/take away power from the ‘‘owner’’ role.
Edit 2: i also want it so other admins can edit the permissions.


Is Owner’s i_group_member_add_power, i_group_needed_member_add_power, i_group_member_remove_power and i_group_needed_member_remove_power at the same level as Admin’s? You need to check that and if it is, you need to make it at least 1 more than Admin.

That way you’ll be able to control everyone and Admin would be able to control everyone beside you.

…or that’s what I know from reading forum…

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ive tried to make it so the admins have [70] [] [] [70] on those, but when i do, i cant be able to see the other groups, i cant make them into ‘‘mods’’ or guests or anything. like, i cant even see the other server groups, when i have the admin group.

Then change Owner’s powers to at least 76 at then check if it works.

the thing is, when i try to set the owner’s powers higher than 75, it wont let me. where can i make it so i can do that?

One more question, have you tried this while being in both groups at the same time? If not, try.

And if not then I think you’ll need to do this via Telnet and then give yourself Owner that way. But with that I can’t help you, sorry.

i will try, thank you for all the help! really appreciate it! :smiley: