Petition to make Android app Open Source

I m guessing you guys all know TeamSpeak on android or ios is a bit tough for client-side users its buggy and not stable for most situations. If I was to list all problems that I come by it would be a very long list. and I guess I have a solution Open Source.

Why Open Source?

It’s actually simple more people to contribute to the project and original developers can decide whether its a good update or bad and they can choose to ignore that appliance this will work well on behalf of end-users because all we care about is if the program is good and serves the purpose.
It would also be possible to make it better with the speed of hundreds of employees. it would also be more secure due to more experts can look into it. Its also directly for the community of TeamSpeak users because the TeamSpeak community is already using lots of programmers and developers to make it more usable in their application like radio addons privilege branches more disciplined communication add-ons and etc. there are already lots of addons out there to make TeamSpeak look and use more efficiently. Contributors are already out there.

All we need is a Copy, Paste, and Publish

Tbh all I care about is the same I want a better solution for mobile connectivity to my TeamSpeak server and better communication with a better quality unlike other services like discord or skype etc. which they work fine and stable on phone but sound quality and management is terrible and their type of service is not focusing on the things that TeamSpeak Values.

TeamSpeak Can be a lot better let us help

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