Playback Issue on MacOS Catalina 09/2020

Hi TeamSpeak community!

I have been working on getting TeamSpeak set up on my Macbook Pro for a work project. Currently I’m experiencing an issue where TS3 wont recognize any control or playback devices on my computer. When I select any playback device (in any playback mode) in preferences and hit Play Test Sound I get the dialogue box " Error opening playback device:could not open playback device" . Similarly, no matter my bookmark settings about control and playback devices, when I connect to a server I get an error message saying the chosen devices couldn’t be opened and TS has switched back to Default profiles for both, which refuse to work. Screenshots of both of those messages attached below.

I’ve attempted using through SoundFlower, Loopback audio devices, as well as having walked through each of the hardware inputs and output devices my system recognizes. I’ve restarted, reinstalled a clean version of the TS client, and every time I get the same messages (screenshots attached). I’m tapped out on troubleshooting steps at this point, any additional checks anyone would recommend would be fantastic to receive.

I’m using TeamSpeak 3 v3.5.3, my Macbook Pro is running MacOS Catalina V 10.15.6 on a Mid-2015 Model.

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 7.42.39 AM

You know, that this is a place for the All New Teamspeak and not Teamspeak 3?

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Haha, nope! Had no clue. Been bouncing around looking for an answer to this broken software.

It’s almost like naming the latest version of a thing the same name as the old thing, minus a version number, is a grand example of insider logic negatively affecting outsider experience.

Thanks for the clarification, I’ll get this post retired accordingly.

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