Please Fix the Weblist (TS3)

Exactly, would be cool the possibility to, by default, the server go to the country of the IP but then would be cool the possibility to change the server to another country.


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I’m tired of writing e-Mails to IP2Location and mostly they don’t even verify my location.
And also of the sorting by region & city. But country is alright.

Well that’s not true. It’s a feature for many new user’s who actually like to use it.
I would never call it “nobody’s land”.

And I would also like to hide the IPv4 address on the serverlist too. Maybe to replace it with an Domain (only when you’ve got an domain available of course).



This needs to be changed.
You wanna make TeamSpeak great again? Then please update it.



I agree with all :slight_smile:

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As far as I’m aware this is all being taken care of, I’m just not sure on exact the time frame at the moment. How I see it is the age old problem of the developers not currently having enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done. But you guys are all right, it needs to be done and it will be.



Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

I just think that removing the “region” and “city” filter will be alright for quite many points.
And also to remove IP2Location from your database, will done many problems.

But great to hear it from you, that someone takes care of this problem! :smiley:


Replace the current db with maxmind.
And re-work the weblist also - Start your old project again!


Will we ever hear something again? or is this also getting in trash like you always do.

All I know is that the DATABASE get’s updateded at the 1st day of the month MANUALLY by someone at TeamSpeak, other things would make no sense. It’s easy to find that out, when you look at the time stamps directly.

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This will probably be fixed if they add a server list to the TeamSpeak 5 Client, cuz ain’t nobody want that broken weblist in a brand new client… right?

That isn’t planned as far I know.

When they create a new weblist for the TS5 Client, then it doesn’t even matter for TS3 anymore. Unless they’ll firstly fix the weblist server for their TS3 Client, so they can use the same one for TS5 as well.

The very first point, which should get fixed above all is the current database from all locations. The weblist gets an manually update from someone - everytime at the first day of the month.

…and I honestly wonder, why the guy who does update it don’t wanna switch the database. It’s not really much work, you don’t even need to be a developer to update this list.

As far this point gets fixed, then it would be time to set new default filters for the whole weblist.


Somehow things that aren’t planned often end up in the client. There are so many things that nobody asked for, yet they are here. And things “some” people asked for since alpha are still not Implemented for some reason. :man_shrugging:t4: ^^

Oh yeah, I honestly wonder why…

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Really guess that they had own plans, even at the alpha stages (before closed beta). I’ve also sent an big list of suggestions during the alpha and quite none of them were integrated into the client. The future of TS5 is, as you can see on the roadmap.

To the weblist:

This can’t stay like that, they need to do something quickly.
I suggested it as an background update.

I’ll just wait… and wait… wait… and… wai’… waiting… ʷᵃᶤᵗ

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Truly need to improve this

Probably no changes applied

The spamer is F.schoerghofer
I would suggest to permanently blacklist his IP range from the weblist report.


Hi there, There are fake turkey TS3 servers in the server list.You have to do something for this.

There’s currently going to happen nothing. The server list is worldwide under these endless floods, so you gotta deal with it right now. ( ̄o ̄) . z Z

I assume that covid-19 plays a huge role as offices are maintained from home if I am not wrong. It’s now to think about how to get your home pc setuped so that you can develop from home on all that stuff what you would normaly do at your office/work pc and I don’t think that each TS 3 Staff Dev has taken it’s Dev PC home for that time ^^
So be patient and maybe use more keys to get better search values :slight_smile:

I think its time to change the web serverlist so server owners can add a domain/subdomain and allow the server owners to hide the IP of the server it’s not that hard to do and you guys still see the server IP and for the license and we can get the server more secure and more protection against DDoS … and more…
It’s 2020 … please …

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I feel you totally.

Sure… it has nothing to do with the server release but isn’t it time to change it NOW? TeamSpeak public servers are sadly surrounded by DDoS skid’s which have no better hobbies in their wasted life-time.

Most importantly: We cannot hide or set a proxy to the real server addresses.