Please help.. how to get in touch with users?

Long story short, a few years ago, I joined a random Teamspeak server and back then, they had no password to enter. It was public. Due to my shyness, I never joined the server after but I started liking the people on it. Two years later, I wanted to come back and apologize about my absence but now they have a password to get in… I don‘t know how else to get inside and message them. In order to do that, I have to catch them inside another, public server but the chances are extremly slim. Where can I reach out?

My TS3index tab is open the whole time and I‘m checking who is online etc. I really wanna get back…

You could try searching their nicknames on TS3 index and see on which servers they were online. Or you could check other platforms like Steam/Twitter or just Googling for them.

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I did try to find them by googling their usernames and such but … they’re a bit older (I’d even say boomers) and their names were basically just shortcuts of their real names. Also where can I see that on TS3index? I mean on which server they else visit.

In the server tree you can just click on their names and a search should start for their UUID and if they were on other servers that are tracked by TS3 index they should appear.

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I desperately want to get in touch with old friends of mine but since Teamspeak is so complicated, I have to catch them in a public server… how do I look that up on I used to know how but I forgot.
Thank you!