Plug in not showing on team speak

Hello so i have downloaded the 64 bit ts3 app and when i went to download my plug in which worked for hundreds of people before me it asks me where i would like to open the plugin so i check teamspeak and finish the install successfully and i reopen team speak and the plugins tab is not showing like it is for everyone else and i check the add ons and i dont see the plug in there no mater how many times i attempt to download it not sure what is going on and why this isnt working i load my game and it seems like the team speak is connected on the app i see everyone else joining and leaving the team speak server and says connected for me but when i open the game it says plug in not connected even though the same exact link im using to download the plug in works for everyone else but for me im having this issue and not sure why and not sure who can help

download open app

First of, there is nothing wrong with using punctuation. It makes your text a lot more readable.
Second, something seems to be wrong with the automatic installation. But no worries, you still can install any plugin manually.

  • Rename the plugin file from name.ts3_plugin to
  • Extract the zip to find a folder called plugins
  • Copy all the contents from this plugins folder to here: %appdata%/TS3Client/plugins/
  • Restart the TS3 client.

or just fix the installation (which was probably moved after the install) by running createfileaccoc.exe within the installation folder as admin.
Afterwards double clicking the installation file should work just fine.


This works! :smiley:

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