[PLUGIN] Best way to get user input?


I am working on a C plugin and want to set some variables via user input. I have already learned that C is really bad for GUIs and I am not sure how I can receive user input via the ts3 client.
Any suggestions?

Hello, to create GUIs for your plugin you have to use the Qt framework with the same version of the one used by the teamspeak3 client (5.12.3).

Hey, thank you very much. I will look into it!

I have seen you have posted before about qt and TS plugins. Do you have github repos where i can see how you implementd qt code for TS plugins? :slight_smile:

Sorry, it took me so long :P.

Gamer92000/TeamSpeak3-Qt-Plugin-Template: A simple Qt plugin to demonstrate a full toolchain. (github.com)

I compiled this one just for you… Well, I also always wanted such a template myself.
Don’t even try to use Visual Studio natively with Qt. That is way too complicated, especially when there is CMake.
The plugin has a workflow, that automatically compiles and bundles it and then releases it on GitHub. You just need to push a tag starting with v to the commit you want to build.

This should work just as well on Linux or Mac. Just setting up the dependencies might differ.


Thanks, i will look into it!

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