Plugin Install error

Hello, i’ve tried to install a Plugin to TeamSpeak 3 , called “SaltyChat”.
However, when i open the plugin to install it, i get this Error:

I don’t know whats the matter, i’ve already uninstalled and installed TS3 again, didn’t work.

This is not a client issue.

The addon package is broken or your system user has no permission to write or read mentioned file.
You may also check that you do not choose to write config into client folder.


Okay now i re-installed Teamspeak and chose the other option for the Config Stuff.
Now the Plugin gets installed, but when i open Teamspeak i get this:

Please then do not choose this option when client is installed in program files.

Another new guess about your original problem:

Your Windows username may have special characters the installer fails to read.
You may open the plugin install file with 7-Zip, Windows Explorer, WinRar etc. and extract the content from plugin folder to %AppData%\TS3Client\plugins