[PLUGIN SDK] How to compile the ts3 client plugin sdk from github


im new to c, dlls and ts3 plugins. But not to programming in general.
Ive watched some videos on youtube how to create ts3 plugins with the given client plugin sdk from github. But in theese (quite old) videos they had menu called “build” which is missing for me. So im unable to build my project because there is not starting/entry point.
(A difference i noticed is that back then the plugin sdk came with a .sln or .vsxproj file. But i guess its no problem that its missing now when you download it via github?)

Like i said, when im cloning the github repo and open it in visual studio there is no “build” option, its just missing.
I can choose to create a x64-release, but i cant build it.
Am i missing something?

Thanks in advance, Max :slight_smile:

Edit 1: I’ve solved the problem, but im still not sure why i need the .vsxproj file.
Instead of cloning the master branch, i downloaded the sdk.zip which was listed on the github page under “releases”. This zip file includes the .vsxproj file and now i can build the project as i expected it.
So i guess the .vsxproj file is crucial for building succeslfully? I would be happy if somebody could explain it to me :slight_smile:

To succesfuly build a TeamSpeak3 plugin you need to compile it using the “MSVC v140 - VS 2015 C++ Build Tools (v14.00)” compiler (correct me if I’m wrong).


Keep in mind that the release is API version 23 which is technically outdated.

But now about the vsxproj file. It is a file describing to Visual Studio how all the other files tie together, what else is required and how it needs to be compiled.
I personally found it easier to use cmake but that is mainly because I hate using Visual Studio but prefer the terminal.
The following is my own code and frankly it’s awful but if you are interested in how to compile a plugin using cmake (even including qt) see here: Gamer92000 / TeamSpeak-3-Telegram-Watchdog

Regarding @Pingu-Io’s answer: v140 should work but I think TS itself is compiled using v140_xp. But if I remember correctly this is no longer available in the newer VS versions.


Okay, so if I want to code in visual studio I need a .vsxproj file. Which means that I can not jus clone the github repo and work with VS on my plugin. And the newest release I can get is API v23.

You can download the latest release and update all the files with the ones in the repo. That should work just fine.

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Okay :slight_smile:

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