[PLUGIN SDK] Is it possible to write plugins in java, kotlin or python?


im not so familiar with c and id like to create a ts3 plugin. The official client plugin sdk comes in c and ive only found information on how to write server querys in python/java. But not about writing code in those languages for plugins. Are there some steps i can do to write the code in a different language then c?

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Not really you can wrap the SDK with an C Wrapper.

But then the Plugin System can’t execute your Plugin.

You need to write some C Adapter Plugin which loads the Java Plugin which uses a Wrapper or something like a Socket…

Personally, I would advise you not to write a TS3 plugin, because nobody really knows how it goes on here. And whether your plugin is still really used is also the question.

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It is possible with some languages like C#. Java should also work I think. But it’s not quite simple to handle calls from unmanaged code to managed code and the other way around. I made a plugin called TeamCord which is written in C#. You may have a look here for the Export functions or native structs I converted from the SDK to C#. Maybe this helps.

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Okay, thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:
I just like coding and want to create a plugin for my own usage, thats why im interested in this topic ^^
I guess ill just need to learn a bit C then :smiley:

Okay sounds interesting. Thank you :slight_smile:

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