[PLUGIN] TeamCord - Discord Bridge

TeamCord - Discord Bridge for cross voice communication

First things to say

This plugin is in a very early state and could contain bugs!
If you experience bugs or crashes please read the Github page for more information. Link below

What is TeamCord?

TeamCord is a plugin which brings Discord and Teamspeak together.
This means, you have the ability to create a connection/link between a Teamspeak and a Discord voice channel for cross voice communication.
The only things you need is a discord account and this plugin installed for Teamspeak.


Get more information here: https://github.com/Kleinrotti/TeamCord
Please read the information there carefully.


*Iā€™m not a big discord fan, but with this plugin you have already done more than the teamspeak developers for the community, this could partially prevent at least a part of the teamspeak community to switching complete to discord.

*This is only my opinion.



New TeamCord version available with some new features and fixes.
Get it here

Nice, I will try it out when I get off of work.

Teamspeak crashes as soon as i right click on a Channel when this Plugin is installed

Yes I was able to reproduce this. This happens if you are not logged in to TeamCord/Discord. Will be fixed in the next release.

There is a new version of TeamCord available now.

You can check it out here.


I installed this plugin and Teamspeak says Plugin failed to load: Api version is not campatible: 25 (minimum: 23, current: 24) Why would it say that?


This means that your installed Teamspeak client is too old. Update to the latest Teamspeak client and Teamcord should load successfully.

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