[PLUGIN] TS3MassMover updated to API 26, and maybe others

Hi all, most of you saw that the TeamSpeak 3 Client got a new update (to 3.6.1) since ages. Nice, but most of my and perhaps also many other people plugins won’t get any updates as the developers went away to Discord and others a long time ago.

So i decompiled my loved small TS3MassMover plugin, increased the API number inside the source code and recompiled it. As no surprise the “outdated” plugin is working again without problems. For sure this won’t work for all plugins as there may be real changes, which must be done to the source code but i think the recent TS3 update didn’t changed much, as TS5 is coming “soon”^TM.

Here is the patched plugin if someone else got the same problem, just replace your existing files inside TeamSpeak 3 Client\config\plugins:

I hope i helped someone :wink:

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Just keep in mind: This method of patching plugins worked for earlier TeamSpeak versions but might be problematic with this change.

As with 3.6.x, the Qt version changed plugins should actually be compiled against the newer Qt version. Not doing so might result in crashes or other unexpected behavior.


For sure this “hack” won’t work for all plugins. I also tried it with two other plugins, one worked, one lead to a crash of the TS3 client on startup.

I also have a few plugins that are not updated. How did you decompil the plugin?

I used to do it using Ghidra. You simply need to find the exported plugin version function and replace the bytes of the return value to say 26 (0x1A). Then simply export and you’re done.
But as said above this will at most work for plugins that have no UI (or don’t use Qt in any other way internally).

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Hey boss man, I was wondering if you’d be able to patch the Notifier plug-in as well by chance? I tried my hand at it using Ghidra like the above said they used to, but I’m not having any luck at using that, just can’t seem to figure it out. If not, oh well, appreciate your time!

@MarcusLittle Okay i took some time and tried the same patch for your plugin, here you go, i didn’t tested it entierly but at least my TeamSpeak 3 client didn’t crashed after replacing the DLL: