Plugins/soundboard possible?


I’m sorry in advance if I created an umpteenth post on the subject but:

Is it possible to install or have a soundboard on the new teamspeak via a plugin or some other such simple way?


Short Answer:

Currently not, because the Focus is actually on the core of the new TeamSpeak Client.

I use virtual audio cables, along with VLC (or other soundboard software - anything that lets you specify what audio output to use, or specify that in Windows audio settings for the app).

Then have another instance of TeamSpeak open using its own capture and playback profile that use the virtual audio cables. To run multiple instances of TeamSpeak, add -nosingleinstance to the end of your TS shortcut so it is like this: "C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\ts3client_win64.exe" -nosingleinstance

This way you can pipe through sounds, music etc to your channel.

If you need to create virtual audio cables, I use: Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) - connect audio applications, route and mix sounds (

I hope that helps do what you need.

He wanted it for the new client (TeamSpeak 5), but it is not possible.

I understand that, but there was already a reply stating that the request would not be the main focus.

As the question was answered, I have offered another solution that can be used to allow people to do what they need while the TS5 functionality does not exist.

My TS5 install is on another machine, so the screenshots are of TS3, but using virtual audio cables does work on both versions.

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