Plugins [Ts5]

We tested Ts5 a few years yet. We need plugins. I love to play GTA 5 RolePlay and have to use Ts3 for that. Ts3 crashes every day 4-7 times. Its just annoying. The other thing is, I can’t test Ts5 when I need to use the old version.

Thanks for reading.

Have you started TS3 in safemode?

Plugins for TS5 are not yet officially implemented as they are in TS3, but you have the option of creating your own plugins for the client. The plugin that you use in the TS3 client was not created by TeamSpeak Systems, but probably by a third party. Therefore, the integration of plugins in the client has nothing to do with your problem. Someone has to write the desired plugin for the TS5 client first.

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