Poke brings TS client into front

After i reinstalled my pc and downloaded tesmspeak Now When i get pokes in my server the whole teamspeak Windows popsup but before i could get poke messages in background, how do i change it back?

I assume this is about TS3?

We have no such option build in. you may have used a plugin.

You can only hide this Window completely in the settings. Then Pokes will be shown in Chat(s) depending on your notification settings for Pokes.

In TS5 in the OS Specific settings you can disable that Taskbar flashes/blinks when you got poked.

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Yea its TS3 ye i noticed that but thats not what i want i tried it and its not that option, u have any idea of what plugin that could’ve been?

My guess is that the win10 focus assist is doing that. Try turning it off: Make it easier to focus on tasks - Microsoft Support