Poke notification on an individual output device

I know this might be a bit specific, but there might be other users out there with the same wish.
The situation is that I have headphones as well as speakers connected to my computer. Teamspeak is set to use my headphones at all times for obvious reasons. However, when I am not actively using my computer, I would love to have the poke notification sound and only that sound being played via my speakers so that I could hear it.
So I would really appreciate a function where I can set the output device specifically for the poke sound or notification sounds in general. Or maybe have a function where a specific sound device is bound to the “away” status.

You can already specify which device to use for notification sounds in Settings -> Notifications

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I must have missed that. Thank you!
In that case the only thing to improve would be to add the option change it for the individual notification. Because when I change it for all the notifications, it also plays the “User entered/left your channel” sounds and all the others through the speakers, even when I have the headphones on and am actively using my computer.
Of course that’s rather low priority but I think worth mentioning.