Poke notifications

Is there any way to make poke or chat notifications less easy to miss? TS3 had the wonderful way of showing it in you face because the Poke notification was placed in the middle of the screen and didn’t go away until you clicked on it. With TS5, I find myself not noticing when I am poked by friends, despite me wanting to. The notification just is in a bad spot (small and in the upper left corner of the TS app). I would really like to have an option of getting the old TS3 poke notifications back :slight_smile:

Hey there, thanks for the feedback!

When a user pokes you on a server, you are immediately notified via the bell icon by a red circle that has a pulse animation when the client is in focus, a new activity appears below the corresponding server and a pop-up at the top of the server tree that shows you all the relevant information for the poke and does not disappear until you dismiss it via the pop-up, the bell or the open chat in the activity area below the server.

Additionally, you can also be notified via the Taskbar by enabling “Flash Taskbar for pokes” which you can find in the settings under “OS Specific”.

Nonetheless, adding an option for legacy/classic notification for pokes could be discussed, but wouldn’t be a priority at the moment.