Poll: New logo vs Old logo

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Why don’t you use the poll option which is integrated in the forum?



Whoops! sorry, I’m new here

No problem. Welcome to the TeamSpeak Forum :smiley:

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It’s the headset. A lonely headset. Period.

The Logo is like ok, but the tray icon … ugh I dont like it. Its not Teamspeak feeling :frowning: The old new one was so nice ??


The logo they are using in the actual build looks a bit too minimalistic. Circle with outline and a headset. Imo it looks a bit strange (especially the 16x16 in tray), but maybe I just need more time to get accustomed?

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I just got the new tray icon, no idea what they’re thinking having a different logo for the company and a weird B thing for the program

Guys the new Icon for the Desktop Shortcut and in the Taskbar and in the tray is so bad.

It looks like a graphics error, some circles which is displayed incorrectly. I restarted my PC twice until I notices that the logo is realy meant to look so bad.

Please change back!!

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I liked the old (Tim) logo more than the new one.
The new logo is essentially a refurbished version of the old one.
I think they did well before they switched, the Tim logo was more modern, simple but great.
Now it’s a bit like the teamspeak don’t want to move on with the age.
(at least that’s what the logo suggests)
The new look of teamspeak i think was much better.

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As noted, the alternate logo with the… headset? I guess?.. is totally incomprehensible and needs replacing.

As for the main logo, seems pretty clear they want to go back to a more neutral appearance rather than the “angry alien” but it probably needs some further revision and simplification. For instance, how would that look in the Font Awesome set? Probably too complex. Worth taking the time to make this right.

New logo is very good and i like it

Greetings folks,
the new one is so weird, i only come to this forum for first time because of this, sry for that, trash logo. The last time they changed the logo was also a suprise but it was reasonable and it was a nice change. But this time, someone say it before its like a graphic bug u just see a blue circle with a grey fleck (spot) and hey new logo XD i dont know its rly not good in my opinion. They should switch back.

BTW i got a little bug i tihnk, i just have the new logo on my teamspeak, in my windows bar i got the old ^^ i hope it never changes on windows bar ^^

Have a great time

Totally unrecognizable:


Worst ■■■■ i’ve ever seen.

I actually liked the Tim Speak Logo, nice clean and minimalistic. It was already a new one though, dunno why they changed it again.

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Yeah bring back the old Tim Speak Logo, it fits the rebranding. Much cooler for the younger crowd too.

Are you going to kill off Tim Speak with this new logo? :rofl:

But in seriousness, I hope you are working on features for the new TeamSpeak instead of wasting time changing the logo…the old logo with Tim Speak was fine.

TeamSpeak is at a crucial point here and it needs to outshine Discord.

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