Possible Interaction - 2 Servers

Hey folks. On server A, I am Server Admin. Server B, I own.
We are migrating users from A to B, but both remain active. Clients logging into B use the same client names as presently on Server A. When people come into Server B I set their Server Group and Channel Group. Also assign the logo, rank and position icons from the Server Group as needed. All works fine. However, when a client log out of B and returns, their assigned icons are not there. There are no temp groups in ServerAdmin Groups. I use a different client name on Server B and have no issues at all. Just was wondering if this could be an interaction between servers as they use the same client name. Appreciate any insights.

Server A is not relevant to this at all.

This is another database or their database is different in case this virtual server A is running where server B is.

On Server B the user must always use the same identity and must be on a permanent group.
Or the group and their icon is gone again.


Understand. Ran a few tests, and a new client for B using same name as on A loses privileges and icons when logging off and back on again. Had test client use a different name on B and functioned as advertised. I only have one instance of TS installed and admin on A and own B. At a loss…

As said A has nothing to do with B in that case!!!
The username also has nothing to do with it.

Please re read my text it tells what must be to get everything back after reconnect.

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