Press to talk assignment changes itself

My Teamspeak Version 3.5.6 automatically changes my press to talk and when it does i have continous broadcasting
I set it as my right ctrl key on my keyboard and it changes to either 163 default or 123 default all by itself Does randomly as a matter of fact it just did it again and went to 223 default
Any Suggestions ??

Why does my press to talk button change automatically to either 163 default or 223 default which is nothing I can press to talk
It does this automatically

Aren’t you able to set the key yourself or does it change again on its own?

The key you did press still should work.
When a number appears then that key’s internal identifier was used here.

This may happen on keys like F25 or mouse button 12 etc.

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What is F25 or mouse button 12 That doesn’t make sense . I set my right ctrl for my press to talk then
after a bit I cannot talk pressing the ctrl doesn’t work so i go to tools option and the press to talk is showing 163 default or 223 default so what it that there is no such button as a 163 default . There it just did it once again not sure what is going on but it is annoying for sure and help would be appreciated

OK so I just figured out what has been going on and I will have to look into this problem now . For some unknown reason my computer is changing my keyboard from English canada US to a English
Canada Multilingual Standard and when it does this my reight control changes to the 163 or the 223 default which doesnt make any sence so I will have to figure oout how it is doing this

That could explain why keys are no longer recognized and shown with their ID instead.

Hotkey Left Alt + Shift or Win + Shift on newer Windows does switch keyboard layouts.
This hotkey can be turned off or changed in Windows (advanced) keyboard settings.

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