Press to talk (PTT) issue

G’day all. I recently did a purge of the PC to incorporate my new home built flight simulator. Prior to reformatting the PC, l copied all of my TS3 settings. However, when inserting the values into ‘Capture’ the PTT function does not work (using Right Ctrl key). That said, voice activation works without a problem. Given the context by which l use TS, voice activation is not a valid option. Headset is a RIG 800.
Any ideas why the PTT is not functioning.

Cheers Steve

What exactly doesn’t work?

You can not use PTT with hotkey set?

  • Make sure your bookmark uses the right hotkey profile or has one set at all.
  • When you run other application as admin then hotkeys can be blocked by that application. Most games with a game launcher as an example do that.

You can’t set R CTRL as hotkey and field stays blank?

Have tried another key?
Do not try to set that key when it was mapped on another device.

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