Problem on my server, help!

I have a problem for a few days and I think it is a bot not a person but I am not sure, the fact is that when it enters it puts music and it is heard on all the channels of the server, I ban it and it returns to enter, my server is In the latest updated version, what can I do to block this? regards

You need to block the Whisper right !
Than he cant play music to all clients

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could you detail that? in the guest group you mean?

as @joeeel said :slight_smile:


i_client_whisper_power to -1
I_client_needed_whisper_power to 9999999999999

With that I prevent them from entering and playing music? esque is very strange because I listened to it on all the channels I entered and I did not know at the beginning what user was, I have already set the permissions of the wisp, thanks for the help I hope that with that it will be solved.