Problem when I start my server

Hello, I created a TeamSpeak version 3.8.0 server on a Debian 9 VPS, when I launch my server for the first time I get this error: Starting the TeamSpeak 3 server
./ 43: ./ ./ts3server: not found
TeamSpeak 3 server could not start

however the ts3server file is present so I don’t understand :confused:

Start with latest server 3.12.1 and make sure your user can read and execute the mentioned binary that could not be found.
And start the script in the folder where the binary is stored in.


I have a new error with the 3.12.1 version :

./ 44: ./ ./ts3server: not found
TeamSpeak 3 server could not start

Make sure

  • ts3server is in foler where startscript is
  • can be executed (chmod + x)
  • that you have permissions in server directory

Yes I’m repeating. But this is what you must check.


Yes, ts3server is in folder where startscript is and I have a permission and I’m log with root

Can you run
chmod +x ts3server
in the folder where the server is installed and try again?

If I launch startscript I have this error :
./ 44: ./ ./ts3server: not found
TeamSpeak 3 server could not start
and minimal_runscript :
./ 4: exec: ./ts3server: not found

I have run chmod +x ts3server before try and it’s not working

Please show us ls -al from inside that folder (i.e. the one containing - you didn’t perhaps accidentally copy that startscript somewhere else?

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Hi! I had this same issue, but figured it out.

@SadYhugz are you 100% certain you’ve downloaded the server package that corresponds to your host system architecture? I initially downloaded the 32-bit version, which of course isn’t what my host is running on.

Try the 64-bit version instead! (or vice versa if your server indeed is on a 32-bit system)

Hello! I’ve the same issue on Void Linux musl.

The ts3server executable is build with glibc, so OS’ which are running musl (like Void) cannot execute these. Void is having a solution to run programs in a chroot or just install a virtual machine.

I hope I can help you so late.