Problem with Android version installation


Is Android version still available on Play Store? I deleted it by accident, then tried to install again and it is impossible. Maybe you, guys, heard something about it?

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I haven’t heard of any problems. The download should work.

The app is still in store and download/install works (tested on 2 devices with different private accounts).


Take a look at this Guide from Google
Fix problems downloading apps from the Play Store - Google Play Help

tried all of this, except “Factory Reset”, I don’t want to do that because only one app doesn’t work. Maybe I can send a bug report to view? Maybe I have some specific options in the system?

Mhm… Which phone do you have?



Thank you for the answers :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried to install TeamSpeak on another smartphone with the same Google Account. I did all tips in the instruction, even the factory reset. The same problem. I think something wrong with my account. @TS.ChrisR, maybe sanction restrictions (I live in Russia)

Could be a restriction, when it doesn’t work on several devices. Only can guess here :confused:
You may try a VPN

Please never post your serial number and IMEI to any public forum!!!

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