Problem with Avatar!

Hello, this morning I deleted the teamspeak cache I then relaunched teamspeak 3 and then I connected to my teamspeak server and the player avatar does not load there is only 1 that loaded on all others how to fix this problem?

Have you simply tried the remove your avatar in the server and set it up again?

Btw. your avatar is not globally the same on all TeamSpeak servers.

The server owner has the possibility to allow avatars on his server or not.
If so you’re uploading it to the server cache and the avatar “belongs” to your client identity.

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you have understood absolutely nothing about my problem have you read my problem at least?

Well your syntax is horrible but yeah your avatar doesn’t load on your server only.

I’ve told you already your client uploads the avatar to your server.
If the client doesn’t show up the avatar (again) try to REMOVE your avatar and set it up AGAIN.

(right mouse click on your name - set/remove avatar)

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I will not delete the avatar of my players just because I am the only one unable to display them at teamspeak to correct this problem.

Well there’re a few simple things to check instead of saying it’s TeamSpeak’s fault.

  • check your client log after clicking on the user whose avatar you can’t see
  • let the admin read the server log for a warning/error with the filesystem
  • try to start your application as administrator
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Verify your connection is not blocking the file transfer port the server uses (review the log). Ask another player on the server to clear their cache and see if they then have the same problem. If they too have this problem make sure the file transfer ports are properly forwarded to the server or allowed in the firewall. And last, if the port forwarding/firewall for the server already good, was the server moved from one location (folder/file system/server) to another maybe the loaded avatars failed to get moved with it.

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As he said he did only clear his application cache.
That shouldn’t change his firewall settings.

Anyways the TeamSpeak application is added in the Windows firewall as one application.
All incoming/outgoing ports being handled by the app automatically.
Windows clients don’t have to deal with firewall ports etc usually.

As Screech said and I suggested click on a client whose avatar you can’t see and check your client log.

Right, but if no one has changed their avatar in a while there could have been a security/networking change or server host change that make the images no longer available, but the local cache has hidden the problem until it was cleared.

With more thought: Having one avatar that works, assuming its not their own, would make me think maybe the server was moved and the files didn’t move with it and that one user changed their avatar since the move. Or, since an unaware hoster decided to free up used disk space.

Right, but some people use 3rd party firewall or one installed on network hardware that may be less application aware.

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That could be possible and is the reason why I suggested to check the server log as well.

I think he just cleared his TeamSpeak cache, reopened the app and joined the server again.
(it takes ~10s - which makes a server change impossible)

Let’s wait for more details from GuepardHD until we can go on.

The most important things are still the client log and server log.

I even tried with a friend the image loads only for certain people and no error on the client and server side.

I can say that is incorrect. Server could have been changed anytime since the images were cached until the user cleared their client cache.

Proof case: TeamSpeak on their community server blocked the file transfer port for years, and didn’t clear already loaded avatars from the database. Any client that first connected with no cache for that server or that cleared their cache would have the broken avatars. While on one of my seldom used computers I still saw everyone’s avatar for years as the cache was not cleared there.

Agree that for this case more information is needed.

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(it takes ~10s - which makes a server change impossible)

You misunderstood the fact, Screech.
I meant to say the server didn’t change move in this time.

Anyway even a change is unrealistic since the avatar shows up for several people and others not.

What OS does the server use, @GuepardHD?

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Windows 10 and the machine host its debian 10 linux server

In your TeamSpeak client on the right side where the avatar should be…

  • can you see a light border around avatars you can’t see?
  • is there a transparent picture showing you the text “error” or “loading image”?

Could you send me a screenshot of your TeamSpeak’s right side in the case there’s no client avatar?


Ok but I need a screenshot of this window if you can’t see the avatar.

Please sure the client does actually have an avatar if you capture the screenshot.

Problem solved the problem was that I forgot to save the avatar before resetting my machine!


Ok, well done.

That sounds like it has nothing to do with what you described to us about some clients can see avatars of others and some not, but okay.

If you spoke the whole time about YOUR avatar only I gave you the right suggestion in POST 2 already.

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