Problem with badges

Hi, I want to get TeamSpeak user badge. I have my account since 1year and still i dont have this badge. How can I get it?
The second badge is stay at a home badge, I redeem code but it doesen t work

If by TeamSpeak User you mean TeamSpeak Jedi/Official TeamSpeak Gamer badge, it’s not possible to get it for a long time now.

About Stay Home badge, go to, log on there and check if it’s showing there. If yes, try reopening TS client, if not, redeem it there once more.

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the jedi/early adopter badge key was mailed to you IF you were eligible, if u think u should have received one check your spam folder as well, mine was in spam folder

Even if he got that email, he is unable to redeem it as it was redeemable until 30.09.2018.

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ok, probably i had that code, but i m delete this email :frowning:

Which Email Provider do you have?

Confirming my ts account

you couldn’t get TeamSpeak Jedi/Official TeamSpeak Gamer badge becouse its expired in 2018 and your account is just only 1 year old :smiley:

unlucky account