Problem with Bluetooth at last Android TS version


im still getting problems with the Android TS app.
Im using an Huawei P30 Modell ELE-L29 with Android 10 EMUI-Version 10.0.0, Plantronics Voyager 5200 and the latest TS App from the Google-Play Store.

Here comes the problem.

It is NOT possible to connect the app with the Handsfree in my car (AUDI A4 2018)
I´m just getting sound via Media (A2DP quallity) and the Mic. is then still running via the mobile.
I tested different scenario. BT off and first connect if TS app is running and and and…
Also different Audio configs. For output Voice Call and Mic. / Voice Communication
but nothing works to get it running through the handsfree from my car.

Then i buy the Plantronics Voyager 5200 (last firmware on it).
Here im getting some other issues.

When the app is connected with the Plantronics sometimes the output audio is disturbed at the beginning of the audio.
With the Plantronics i also getting the issue (sometimes) that the TS app change the codec to A2DP (you can clearly hear it in the headset) and also switch the Mic. to the mobile instead of the Plantronics Mic.

Is that something you know about?? Bluetooth problems has been for a long time now.
Is it not possible to change back to the working Bluetooth API from the good old Client Version ?? That was working 100% and STILL working 100%

Hope i will get a short statement from an Admin/Moderator or Developer.


Thanks for letting us know about this.

We are aware of issues with Bluetooth, in particular with Huawei and Plantronics Voyagers, and it is something we want to get right. I’ll check with the developers on the current status on these issues once they return from annual leave, and provide an update then.


Hallo @binpower93
have you got some current status of the issue??

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Thanks for your patience on this issue.

My colleague hasn’t been able to recreate the problem with their Plantronics on the next version of the app.
We would appreciate it if you could let us know if this problem is fixed for you when this update is deployed.


@binpower93 I would also appreciate fixing the beta update channel for Android. Basically on all apps where a beta is available you can join by scrolling down on the specific app site in the Play store and click on the “join beta” button. For TeamSpeak however you still have to use the old method with the group links, but unfortunately this group always gets deleted by Google. Reported it a few times now, but looks like no one at TeamSpeak cares seeing that this group always gets blocked because of spam, malware or other harmful stuff (which I don’t understand since it makes absolutely no sense at all).
Old forum thread


Thanks for your replay. Can you please let me know witch version number it is from the app??
Right now im using the beta 3.3.4 from the Play Store. Is that the version where the issues are resolved ??

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@D0mm4S thanks for making us aware of the situation with the Google Group. Unfortunately it’s out of our control as to when decides to close this group. We’re looking into a range of options going forward.

@SA7BNT_Tim_Bruzaholm I believe my colleague couldn’t recreate this problem on 3.3.5 (which isn’t out in beta yet).


I just wanted to let you know that version 3.3.5 is out in beta now. You can join the beta from the Google Play Store app.

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