Problem with capture on two different channels

Hi there,
I have problem with capture profile on TeamSpeak client.
On most of channells that i use, people can hear me, blue icon says that mic is activated, every thing works fine
On specific channel, i can`t talk.

That’s not much detail you ave us here to say what your problem could be.

What is your capture setting and could it be that the channel is moderated or forces you to use Push-to-Talk?
Are can nobody in there speak at all or are there more than100 users in it?


Well, thanks for atention of my problem, first.
Like I said, Im using TS for communication in on-line games, such is World of Tanks. Many players, many clans, many TS channels. In almost every channel I can speak freely, with the same configuration and capture profile, with push-to -talk setting. On that specific channel, I cant talk, or, at least, nobody can hear me. When I try to test my mic, everything works fine, with the push-to-talk mode, or voice activated, testing works fine. But, when i close options panel, problem appears. When I push hotkey for PTT, nothing happens. No one can hear me, neither blue lamp gets on. same thing when I try to use voice activation mode.
Again, on every other channel i don`t have problem, only specific one.
No one muted me, i have channel admin permission there.
Sorry for my bad english…

Is that a mobile client or pc client or TS5?

Is the lamp light up at all when you try in that channel?
Is the channel moderated (you see a M next to the channel)?
Do you have enough talk power in that ( you should NOT see a microphone icon with an x in it next to your name) ?
Which server version is that happening on?

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PC client,
Nope, on that channel not.On all others, yes…
Nope, there is no moderated rooms on that channel, nor the channel himself moderated.
Yes, i do have talking power on that channel, also server admin, and yes, there is no crossed mic icon on any room.
On 3.5.2 version.
Again, any other channel i`ll try to use, works fine.

Maybe I use here wrong description - I have a trouble ehen i connect to a specific SERVER, not channel…

So you mean you can not speak on that specific server?

Then check that the same capture and hotkey profiles are set for that bookmark (it’s under the Manage Bookmarks menu).
I know you mentioned it that you checked it but there is no other (me known) reason left then.

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Hi, thanks for advice, but no result either…
Checked, default capture and playback profile for every server i have in bookmarks.
I know that confuse you, everywhere all things works fine, just on that server, where i have all permissions except owner, and i can`t talk… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Can you send me the address of that one server? You can do it here or in a private message.

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Im really, really sorry for not responding to your message, wasnt on-line past few days.
I will send you the the server adress inPM right now.

So 12 channels are moderated and 6 aren’t.
You need Talk Power in most of the channels. That’s it.

Go into channel Guest room and there you should be able to talk as anywhere else.

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