Problem with connection and user visibility on the default channel

I have noticed a problem with the TeamSpeak 5 client, where users disappear from the waiting room after being automatically moved to a specific channel by a bot with a designated rank.
Everything works correctly in TeamSpeak 3, but there is an issue with version 5.

In short…
When a user joins and has, for example, the TEST clan group, the bot moves them to a designated area, which is the warp channel. In Poland, we use a special function in the bot with an “onclient” event, which detects user connections, verifies their group, and automatically moves them. However, in client 5, people from the waiting channel, which is the default, disappear, whereas in version 3, they remain visible, which is working correctly. The problem lies with client 5.

I apologize for the translation from Polish to English.

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