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Hi everyone, i’m new to this community and to teamspeak’s servers. I created my server some months ago and everything worked just fine. Now, after some time without using it, the problem is that i cannot connect to my own server. I think i know what the problem is, I’m using a different router compared to the one i used to port forward and setup the server (I’m in a different city, moved cause of university), I also think my IP changed so i don’t know 'cause I’m a noob but that might be the problem. So guys I’m asking you how can I solve this problem. DoI need to just port forward again on the new router? Do i have to set my new IP? If yes, how can i do that? Also, is there a way to make my server run always? I really hope someone here can help me. Tryed to search on google and in the old ts forum but i could not find any help. I’m sorry for my bad english, I’m Italian, but i hope you can understand my problem and help me find a solution. If you need some clarifications, log files, or something else feel free to ask me! Thanks again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It all depends on where you’ve set up the server.

If you host it at home you usually don’t have a static IP address.
When ever your ISP decides to assign a new IP to you, you will need to know the new one to be able to connect to the server (with it’s IP address).

If you wanna use the server more often a dynamic DNS makes sense.
Most routers support DDNS services.
If yours not there’re different solutions on the market as well to report the current IP address with installed software on your PC.

At least the port opening/forwarding needs to be active in your router as well.

There’s no general guide since every router has it’s own UI but I can tell you the ports need to be open/forwarded.

Service Protocol Local Port (Server) Remote Port (Client)
Voice UDP 9987 1024-65535
Filetransfer TCP 30033 1024-65535
ServerQuery (raw) TCP 10011 1024-65535
Domain Protocol Local Port (Server) Remote Port Notes TCP 1024-65535 (random by OS) 2008 TeamSpeak 3 Server versions 3.0.x TCP 1024-65535 (random by OS) 443 TeamSpeak 3 Server versions 3.1.x TCP 1024-65535 (random by OS) 443 TeamSpeak 3 Server versions 3.1.x

To keep in mind:

(1) Install TeamSpeak server
(2) open/forward the required ports (to your machine the server runs on)
(3) use the current IPv4/v6 to connect to the server

(4) setup a dynamic DNS service to use a domain name instead of your IP (optional)

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