Problem with my TS3 license

I am writing this because i have a problem. So: I have purchased a 128-slot license, which has been increased to 256 slots. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, after connecting it to my server, the server shuts down after 2 minutes. would it be possible to change the license key? Because I’m afraid someone is abusing it. Thank you.

The best way is to write the TeamSpeak Support with the request type “Sales & Licensing”.

That’s what they said

Hmm… my bad. Is there any error message in your server logs?

Please read what the server log 0 telling you about the shutdown.
The make sure ports are opened

Then check that no other server is using the license.

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I mean that I think someone’s is using my current license and id like to change the license key

How can someone else use it :confounded: Did you share it before?

Such things are non technical and you need to contact the sales department. They are the only one who can invalidate a license and create a new one for you.

Provide them as much details as you can about your license and in best case use the same email as you did register to prove that you are the owner.


Solved it, they generated the new key. Thank you for your help