Problem with permissions on my free TS Beta server

Hello, on my free TS Beta server, there’s problem with permissions, because there’s some perms missing from ‘Server Owner’ group, because of what I’m unable to set up permissions. Btw I was doing it using TS3 beta update 3.5.0, since TS Beta doesn’t have option to set up permission yet. To show ya what I mean… There is a ‘i_group_needed_modify_power’ at lvl ‘75’, and ‘i_group_modify_power’ is grayed out, which means, I’m unable to edit permissions of that group. And the same goes with ‘Server Admin’, ‘Member’, and ‘Guest’ group, all of them have ‘i_group_needed_modify_power’ at lvl ‘75’. Can I somehow join the server using ‘Putty’ or ‘yatqa’, to edit those permissions?


Same here :smiley:

No yatqa/putty access at the moment, sorry - that said, we’re definitely open to considering changes to the default permission set, and we got some good feedback in this thread.


That’s kind of sad. So should I post my suggestion in that thread?

That’d be great! We’ve had some thoughts internally, and want to get some community feedback too!


Alright, I’m gonna do that. :slight_smile: