Problem with "Use speakers" option

I would like to report a problem that has existed for a long time with all Android users and nothing has been done about it. I am currently using the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with the latest update Android 14 and One Ui 6.1 with Teamspeak version 3.4.5 and I find it really unfortunate that many still claim that the phone is bad because of the following problem: as soon as the option “Use loudspeaker” is activated, the phone no longer recognizes exactly that it is a call and picks up all sounds coming from the microphone. Even those coming from the smartphone itself. Of course, this also means the voices in TeamSpeak itself from the other users. This means that every user hears twice through my microphone and that is very annoying. I hope that this problem can be fixed as soon as possible and that the Teamspeak experience can be improved. Also on the go from my smartphone.

Thank you very much!

Regards, Jack