Problemi con il microfono

Appena mi collego al mio solito server, il microfono si disabilita e non riesco ad abilitarlo, potete aiutarmi.


Translation: As soon as I connect to my usual server, the microphone is disabled and I can’t enable it, you can help me.

Let’s see!

  • Is the microphone detected by your OS?
  • (Are you using Windows, OS X or Linux?)
  • Does it work on different servers?
  • Did it work before?

Make sure you have set the correct capture profile:

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neanche su altri server, ma il microfono che uso sul mio secondo pc funziona benissimo

@Gamer92000 said something, but whatever :confused:

Then it appears it’s something with microphone. Does it work outside TS? Also it would probably be helpful if you’ll tell us microphone model.