Problems with Teamspeak 3 while using TFAR addon on Arma 3 while connecting to the public server

So, to give a bit of backstory, me and a few friends of mine want to play this game called Arma 3 and use proper radio systems, for this theres a mod called Task Force Arrowhead Radio (TFAR for short), it works by using teamspeak and an plugin for it. So a friend of mine setup a channel in the Teamspeak 3 Public server for us to use this addon, and when i first tried connecting to the server i had too much of the same letter in my name (just my usual username which i use here aswell Narratorrr) so it didn’t let me connect, I of course changed my name and could then connect, and can mostly speak in the channel normally, EXCEPT when I’m actually on our Arma 3 LAN hosted server, whenever TFAR is supposed to be active to run the proximity chat etc.

Whenever I’m connected to teamspeak and am on the arma 3 server it tells me “This name is banned permanently. Reason: ‘Spamming nick name (repeating chars). Use a proper nickname!’.”
and whenever i try to speak after this message has appeared, and a noise comes through my mic it says “Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again.”

Originally I thought it was just cause I have some sort of ban, but since i can talk and connect whenever I’m not using TFAR I ruled that out. Any help would be appreciated.

The following is only guessed, you would probably be better off asking in a forum specifically for TFAR.

TFAR might use the identity’s name as the nickname when connecting. Go into identities (Ctrl+I), select your default identity and change the nickname there.

For the second problem (Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again.):
This is a default spam protection to prevent users from performing too many actions in a short period of time. This can be triggered by a plugin such as TFAR. You might need a server group that ignored flood protection or increased limits server-wide.

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Alright, thanks for taking the time to help. I’ll try to find a TFAR specific forum and I’ll try your solution.

The thing is: When you are using our public server then you are restricted in actions you can do before getting blocked for a time and nickname that you can use. These are the settings and rules over there.

To avoid that you may use your own or friends server, where no such name ban exists and flood protection is not has hard as on our server.