Push-to-mute error

I was setting up Push-To-Mute in “Key bindings >> bindings”. When I went to test it, I realized that when I press the chosen key, instead of silencing it, my microphone stays on until I press Push-To-Talk again.

The push-to-talk works perfectly, but the push-to-mute (mutes the microphone) does not leave it muted, on the contrary, it remains as the continuous transmission. It is worth remembering that this problem arose in TS5 (beta39)

It work perfectly for me.

I can reproduce the original reported issue.


How ?
There is no transmission when the key is pressed, there is no graphical change but even in input test i have no voice return.

Have PTT enabled and turn off VAD (or leave it on).
Have 2 different keys for PTT and PTM.
Press PTM key.
-> Now you send all time without VAD or when you talk with VAD as long you do not press PTT key.


I’d like to report that this is still an issue with the latest BETA of TeamSpeak 5.

Yes. The ticket for this issue is still on ToDo.
don’t know why thread had status Solved set.