Push-To-Talk button get stuck

Hello folks,

I recently started to notice a annoying bug or problem while using the PTT-key with TS3 while gaming. The problem only occurs if I use the same PPT-key in the game Voice chat, as in TS3.

This is because sometimes I play with mixed teams, my friends are in TS3 and others I talk to through the game voice chat simultaneously. That is why I want to use the same key to both and the key I’m using is Capslock.

So when I’m in game and press Capslock, I can see that the round light next to my nickname in TS3 is stuck and always transmitting and I can’t get it to stop no matter how many times I press Capslock, only way is to alt-tab.

Anyone know what the issue may be?

Wierd, does this happen with every game you play or a specific one? I tested that with 3 different games but none of them seems to keep the mic open for me.