Push to Talk does now working if TS is in background


I just upgraded to a new computer and it has Windows 11. I have been using Teamspeak 3
for several years now on the old computer without any trouble.

However after installing TS 3 on this computer and setting up everything any time my
TS is in the background the Push to Talk feature will not work.

As long as TS is open on top of all other apps it is fine but if I Minimize it to the Task Bar
no Push to Talk.

I run all my apps with full admin rights so that was the first thing I checked to make
sure TS is in full Admin.

I would appreciate any help as this is a nuisance when I am trying to talk to one of my friends
and we are in the simulator at the same time.


And that’s the issue. Software running in admin mode can prevent other software from getting key inputs.

You may only run any software in admin mode, when really needed!

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