Push to Talk? | Poll

Which method do you use?

  • Push To Talk (PTT)
  • Continuous Transmission
  • Voice Activation Detection (VAD)

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What are your reasons for using your voice broadcast method?
If you do use PTT, what key do you use?


not using PTT seems disrespectful to me, I never understood people who share all their annoying noises, my humble opinion


When the voice is activated, everything will be heard, even the unwanted sounds.


Not using PTT is just lazy, but even I choose voice active when using controller, while i’m playing games like Rocket League. But ofc, I tell everyone in channel before using it and the reason why.

PTT is binded to one of my mouse buttons.


Automatic detection of course. It’s really useful and fast to communicate.

I don’t have a need for PTT.

I have a studio setup which usually doesn’t pick up any background noise and I can mute the microphone physically if I have to.

Also, hearing each others rambling is part of the experience, especially in multiplayer. I want to feel like I am actually playing with human beings, not NPCs that just yell commands at me every now and then.

I only really use PTT for voice chats which are built into the game because the random people who are not in my TeamSpeak channel could probably be using an external voice com themselves and it would be rude to force our conversations onto them.


The combination of PTT with VAD is the best that I have seen and it is a very good advance for people who use PTT, I use the CTRL key and if you are not playing and you are doing managements on PC press CTRL to work, you would have microphone and you generated a keystroke noise or hear noises.
People who come to TS from the other voice system, never use it and hear what they are eating as if the world is ending, hear how they start conversations with people in their home, they are usually family and I am not interested in private famine , or hear the keystrokes playing like which monkey pounding, is not my dedication.
There are also people who have very well adjusted microphone sensitivity very well or have good microphone, and use it to be PTT

Those people clearly don’t have studio setups then. Decent studio microphones are specifically designed to only pick up what you speak directly into them. Background noises are unlikely to trigger VAD unless they are really loud or someone really doesn’t have a clue how to level their microphone correctly.

There is no “the best” but merely “the best for a specific use case” and if you happen to have your gaming PC setup on a construction site, PTT is probably really “the best”.

But don’t assume that everyone is living with family or sitting next to their air conditioning unit. For some people, VAD is actually “the best”.


is absolutely right

100%! All the people I play with sit in their room and not in the living room where other family members are doing something else. So VAD is the best in my opinion, because I really do not know anyone who plays outside of their room. I also wonder how so many people still complain about mics picking up literally everything, maybe it´s time to buy a proper headset then. Even my 10y old gaming headset that I still use sometimes doesn´t pick up all the noises and provides clear communication.


I use VAD and have a Push-to-mute button.
Primary reason is because i don’t want to continuously hold down a button to talk while playing and i can just toggle mute/unmute myself with the button when someone enters the room, i have to sneeze, etc.

Most of the time I’m alone in my room when I’m at the computer, so there’s little to no background noise that could trigger the microphone unnecessarily (except maybe the occasional loud car/bike once a month?).

Well said!