Push to talk's option does not work

Hi guys,

I’m actualy in trouble once connected on my teamspeak server.
Indeed, once connecter I tried to set my microphone on “Push to talk” option but it does not work.
First I selected “Push to talk”, then I tested my microphone pressing the touch I chose but my voice is not recognized.
So I tried letting my microphone constantly opened (voice detection) and here it works.

Problem is, to stay on this server, I have to use the push to talk’s option.

Then I tried something else.

  • Disconected myself from the server.
  • Settings -> Choosing “Push to talk” option.
    Then I launch the test and here it works!

Can you guys help me with that?
Seriously I’ve been looking for a solution but I’m still in trouble…



Hey, maybe reinstall TeamSpeak 5. The Push to Talk works fine for me.