Query bot can set channel permissions?

Hi, I have a question, can the query bot set channel permissions?
Exactly, I mean “channel_needed_modify_power”

I’m making a bot that will create channels, that’s all I’ve found, and I’m missing the last one.


“channel_needed_modify_power” ???

Whatever server you have,

these are not permissions for a TeamSpeak server.

We do not support third party software! Please use official TeamSpeak servers.

I’m using TS3 PHP Framework for the bot, but I can’t find a variable to change “channel_needed_modify_power”

Unless there is a possibility to add such a default setting, as in the case of channel deletion “i_channel_deleted_power” (automatically sets the required 100 to be deleted, and the “i_channel_modify_power” option sets the default to 0)

These are channel properties as set in the channel_properties table in ts3server.sqlitedb file.

However, channel_needed_modify_power is not a permission or value in the sqlite database. It must be a value renamed by author of the framework you are using because there exists a very similar permission called i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power

Another permissions you should look at are i_needed_modify_power_channel_needed_modify_power stored in perm_server_group table

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