Query bot for a secure server

Hey, I recently wrote a QueryBot which bans people with bad names from the server. This makes it easier to moderate a server as an admin. You can set yourself at which names he should ban the person, here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbLq6Xuvxd4 What do you think?

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I wonder why a bot is required to setup a filter for nicknames?

It’s much more easier and more efficiently to add bans to the TeamSpeak server, e.g. REGEX bans, to filter key words in nicknames for example.

There’s no delay on the server side which means the client is being banned before he’s able to interact with the server or clients.

Furthermore these bans can be created, edited or deleted via. third-party apps, the web- or serverquery interface etc.

And the most important thing… damn, in my opinion it doesn’t require Java. I would never install any Java environment on any of my machines, except VM trash systems. Ouch


Good point, however you must never forget that many more people may like queryBots more, you have such a variety of options & since I got along best with Java, I chose Java. I find the creation of these bans from your side much more complex than setting up a bot that bans the player with a delay of 1000ms, especially since this is much more user friendly.

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