Query or Client sends pokes or messages

Spamclow <17:24:30> “A.D.M.I.N S.E.R.V.E.R” pokes you: NEW IP :[THIS SERVER WILL BE CLOSED
Howe to block this clow

You need to remove the permissions for your Guests group to send messages and pokes and only Group Members above that Guest group should be able to do it…

For ServerQuery you read below

Your server allows to send messages or pokes or create channels via ServerQuery Guest group.
This is the one you get when you connect to a server via telnet without sending any login command.

You need to change the permissions once (when your server was started for the first time before version
Just updating the server will not solve the problem. Set permissions don’t get changed during an update.

Here are the steps to restrict the Guest Query to abuse your server for spam (chat, pokes and via channel name).

1. Update your server to the latest version.
TeamSpeak Downloads | TeamSpeak

2. Login into the ServerQuery/WebQuery interface to change the permissions in the next step.

Ask your Admin or Hoster in case you don’t have access to the ServerQuery and/or the serveradmin login.

3. Perform these 3 commands in telnet/putty (replace yourpasswordhere with your own password and ANY_ACTIVE_PORT with the voice port of your server (9987 is default))

login serveradmin yourpasswordhere


servergroupaddperm sgid=1 permsid=b_channel_join_permanent permvalue=0 permskip=1 permnegated=1|permsid=b_channel_join_semi_permanent permvalue=0 permskip=1 permnegated=1|permsid=b_channel_join_temporary permvalue=0 permskip=1 permnegated=1|permsid=b_channel_create_permanent permvalue=0 permskip=1 permnegated=1|permsid=b_channel_create_semi_permanent permvalue=0 permskip=1 permnegated=1|permsid=b_channel_create_temporary permvalue=0 permskip=1 permnegated=1|permsid=b_client_server_textmessage_send permvalue=0 permskip=1 permnegated=1|permsid=b_client_channel_textmessage_send permvalue=0 permskip=1 permnegated=1|permsid=b_client_offline_textmessage_send permvalue=0 permskip=1 permnegated=1|permsid=i_client_private_textmessage_power permvalue=-1 permskip=1 permnegated=1|permsid=i_client_poke_power permvalue=-1 permskip=1 permnegated=1

4. You did well when you read error id=0 msg=ok after each command.
There is nothing more you need to do here.

Optional Hint:
It could be that this Query still can send pokes and chats to users who own a i_client_needed_private_textmessage_power & i_client_needed_poke_power with a value lower than 0. You have to raise these values to 0 at least to avoid spam for them.)


Yeah I can understand you

Try to block the username in many other ways.
Those guys will never stop.

Make sure to disable private message’s on your default server group somehow.

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Oh it’s a client and not a Query?

Then make sure guests can not send chat or poke around.


May baby you can block his ip :upside_down_face: :wink: but thanks for you fast help :+1:

You can’t really…
Those people got some serious bot nets with virtually infinite amount of identities and IPs…
You could increase the needed security level to something above 25 - 30 maybe to stop fresh accounts from joining but that’s not really a good solution also.

Can i do it whit teamspeak client it is homeserver

Yes you can do what i wrote in first sentence with the client the rest below should be done in the Query itself.

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They have solution without use a password or increase the security level on your server.
If you can (you host yourself your server for exemple) you can use Bot on your TeamSpeak server for block IP of VPN/Server.
Use https://www.sinusbot.com/ for the bot.
And this script TS3 - AntiProxy [Block Proxies/VPNs] Say goodbye to ban evading | SinusBot Forums

You can kick/ban/poke/group assign, when VPN connection is detected ^^

putty give server time out there is others way to add that …
can give access with team viewer if you want get bit lost

thank m8

get error error id=256 msg=command\snof\sfound

works for me

Are you sure you did not add any char before pasting or something?

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have log in ScreenHunter 20 this what i get

Perform use 1 before.
The command will only work when a virtual server was selected.

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oke it workt i think login serveradmin password
use sid=1
hope this good
thanks you al for your time