Querypoolsize paramter is not recognized / Fivem server is laggy

Help us Teamspeak🤝

Please help us :c


Good morning. Any news from the Devs?

My teamspeak server have 23% of packetloss when the server reach about 600 users. The CPU usage is optimal, spec are ryzen9 3950x and 2Gbit uplink. I don’t know why this teamspeak have this packetloss “Out”. “i’m using saltychat for fivem server on this teamspeak”.


Update! the packet loss out is only visible on “control” table.

That’s the reason. But the Dev of the plugin may be working on an update already (can’t say for sure).


Salty chat is client side btw, how you can explain this lag… i need a solution because my customer is paying 700 slots.

True but it sends packages over the client to the server and the way it and other do at the moment are to much.

As said please contact the dev of the plugin. This answer will not change for now.


Still not normal that someone can cause that much lag on the teamspeak server doing that.

TeamSpeak should be able to handle thousands of users (there’s someone selling licenses for 1000 slots, I saw stuff for 4096 slots) without any issue.

I would really like to see that solved.

Im having the same problem, any fix?

Which Server Version do you use?

I was in 3.13.3 and i updated to 3.13.6 trying to fix it but still same issue