Querypoolsize paramter is not recognized / Fivem server is laggy

according to: Server 3.13.0 [Beta]
You added " - Advanced users: Added a new command line argument querypoolsize to allow you to specify the number of threads in the ServerQuery pool."

But when i start the server i get the following error:
2021-08-25 11:02:42.514918|WARNING |ServerMain | |Unknown command line parameter ‘querypoolsize’, ignoring

Any idea?

Thanks for your help

edit: tested with the latest version of ts3server (linux) and the one mentioned in my post above (linux)


Using this parameter brought no improvements so it could be that it was removed and we did not mention it in the logs.

Need to talk to dev about it.


We need such a version where we can increase the buffersize for queries. i also seen that there has been a private version out: Server Version 3.12.2-poolsize

At ~600 Users we get massive packet lost and / or api lags.


Just asked our dev and it was renamed to query_pool_size.

But as i wrote please do not expect anything to be improved.


Indeed, did not help. So, what can we do, as we have massive packet losses with 700+ players and even below that amount. Traffic ist fine. Also enough cpu ist there.
Any Idea?


I guess you use a RP server with TokoVOIP or similar?

If yes: ask the devs of these plugins to use the whisper feature and not mute feature. The amount of commands can bring a server down when all get muted and un-muted etc.


yes. we are using a voice pluging called salty chat. https://gaming.v10networks.com/
What you suggested is not really an option. Any other way to fix this problem?



I’m a developer of such a plugin and pretty unsure that the whisper feature is a proper solution to that problem.
It seems like every user would have to set up a whisper list with a dedicated hotkey (can’t trigger it via plugin SDK?) to talk, so you will loose VAD and need to use a different hotkey then for your PTT.
You can also have multiple whisper lists with different hotkeys, but the doc doesn’t provide you with a way to select a whisper list, so you don’t know where you are setting the whisper list (ts3client_requestClientSetWhisperList).
In addition there’s always a “pssst” sound when you get whispered to, which every user would also have to disable by hand, since it seems you can’t do that through the plugin SDK.

This seems to be a major decrease in usability for users and the user has to be instructed on how to properly set up everything.
There are tens of thousands people using plugins like these for GTA V multiplayer mods and other games every day, the automated joining of a channel with automated (un)muting is the easiest way, since the user doesn’t have to do anything besides joining a TeamSpeak server.

It’s also unclear if this reduces the amount of queries, since you still would have to set a whisper list which needs to be known by the server. All clients would have to be in the same channel as well, so you can be sure everyone can “see” each other and don’t hide in a channel you can’t subscribe to.
Since I’m basing all of this information on the SDK doc, would you be able to address these points?


Hello Teamspeak, we have the same problem with the queries. We have over 700 players a day and it is unfortunately no longer possible to hear the other side. The function which you have mentioned there, is very cumbersome for many. Could you take the whole thing with the queries again in attack because a large part of the roleplay scene waiting for it.


Hello dear Teamspeak Team,

we as a RP Server with 800 plus players have the same problems as the clients above me.
After 800 players connected to the server, i get a massive big packet loss.
Our players and clients are very dissatisfied, of the situation now.
All big servers especcialy form Germany have the same problem.
Please help us on the problem, because a large ammount of the RP community in Germany waiting for that.
You would loose us as clients and other big servers, when we have to change from TeamSpeak to other Plugins and Provider.
It would be nice when you as the TeamSpeak would help us with the problem.

Dear Makaveli (CEO of LateNightV)

Social Links of our Server:

Discord: discord.gg/latenightv
Youtube: LateNightV - YouTube
Website: https://latenightv.eu/


How can TeamSpeak ignore this huge problems we have. If nothing will change, you will lost so much users. I do not think that this is your intention. Please solve this problem as your community is asking you and do not ignore it. We WANT to stay here and hope for a better future soon.

Dear Teamspeak Team PLS do something!
i just want to Play Lagfree!!

@Teamspeak PLS HELP :heart: The RP scene deserves it :heart:


Without being too prejudiced, I have the impression that your community or people you know are trying to push your post.

Please refrain from doing so @Makaveli45


Please Help us!

Looks like it. Nevertheless would it be great if the dev of ts3 could have a look at it and try to fix our case.

I gave a way to reduce this lag. Pushing this thread will not change the way to reduce the lag.
We thought about that already and looked at how the plugins are working and Mute/unmute is a bad way.

You can whisper via pluginSDK.
No matter if client has VAD or PTT set and no whisper lists are needed to be setup in client.

The only thing that is true is the sound setting when you get a whisper but not an issue that can be solved by giving people an how to setup their client.


So I would guess that requestClientSetWhisperList would also “start” whispering to the specified clients and in order to stop you’d have to pass NULL as channels and clients?
This would mean that you have to listen to ts3plugin_onEditCapturedVoiceDataEvent and if the sending flag is set, then requestClientSetWhisperList has to be triggered with the clients that should be able to hear you.
After the sending flag goes back to 0 you’d have to trigger requestClientSetWhisperList with NULL.
This way VAD and PTT can still be used by the user, correct?
Since the talking flag of ts3plugin_onClientSelfVariableUpdateEvent is also true while whispering (according to the doc) it seems to not be usable in that case.

Are allowWhispersFrom and removeFromAllowedWhispersFrom server commands? These seem to be able to handle only one client at a time, with 800 clients on a server this would result in 800 calls in the beginning, 800 at the end and all the joining/leaving clients in between would also cause a command from all the other clients.
In case this is a server command, wouldn’t that pretty much change nothing and is it possible to get a function to do that for a whole channel or multiple clients instead of a single client?

I appreciate you for trying to help and direct us to a solution, but i would hope for more than a response with 1 or 2 sentences.

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